Village Services

stethoscopeMedical Alert System

24/7 Medical Alert system for you and your families peace of mind.

If you require urgent assistance, just press your call button. It will register at SDS call centre within minutes and they will contact whoever is on duty and your call will answered promptly thereafter.


Delivered to the Clubhouse each working day and is available to residents after 2 pm each day from the mail cupboard provided in the clubrooms.

OUTGOING mail is cleared from the green box (to the right of the main door) daily at 4pm approximately


Visits every six weeks for cuts only at a reasonable price. See notice board for appointment times. Private arrangements can be made for perms, etc outside the visit with the hairdresser.


Wheelie bins are place conveniently throughout the Village. All household waste must be bagged and securely tied and put in the bin.


Mowed regularly, and sprayed with weedicide when needed as a courteous service provided by management to residents to maintain the high quality look of the village


This service is provided for those residents who are unable to visit the City library. Library staff makes the selection of books based on individual likes of the readers . The books are dropped off and collected every 3 weeks by the Manager or staff.


Prospect marketplace News on 6343 4006 is the contact to arrange daily delivery of your newspapers, etc.


A greengrocer visits the Village on Tuesdays from 2pm approx. with a good variety of quality fresh fruit and vegetables.

Why Choose Us

  • A few kilometres from a major city, but with a country atmosphere
  • Close to medical and dental services
  • Pool/Spa and outdoor kitchen for all your social and entertainment requirements
  • 5 minutes from Shopping Centre with Public Transport on our doorstep for convenient and easy travel
  • Club room with community and recreation facilities
  • Adjacent to a public golf course
  • Walking distance to Country Club Casino
  • Close to high quality restaurant and entertainment venues
  • Next door to Bolters Restaurant and Bistro