About our Residential Village

Yes, all units are strata titled and you will be registered proprietor of your unit.

Residents must be over 55 years of age. Where occupants are husband and wife or partners.

Whether joint owners or not, one must be over the minimum age. Age 50 will be considered on application.

LRV is your home and family and friends will always be welcome to drop in and visit you. You are free to entertain them in your home or in the club itself. Their host must accompany guests visiting the club at all times.

Yes of course, provided you advise the management team for security reasons.

This is a matter of personal choice. Some people enjoy community activities where others prefer to live quietly without a lot of community involvement. Whatever your choice you will find others with similar desires. The choice is yours with involvement and to what extent.

If you require urgent assistance, just press your call button. It will register at SOS call centre within minutes and they will contact whoever is on duty and your call will answered promptly thereafter.

In person or by phone or leave a message either at the Managers office or leave notes in the mailbox in the clubrooms.

Manager’s Email address craig@lrv.org.au



  1. The Village operates under the Strata Corporation Act of 1998
  2.  MSD – Managers Service Deed between management and the Body Corporate
  3. The Personal Services Deed Agreement to be entered into between you and the Manager.

The Management Agreement provides for on going management of the Village for the mutual benefits of all residents. The Manager, Rutherglen Management (No 2) Pty Ltd, is appointed by the Body Corporate to be its agent and to manage its affairs. As part of its duties, the manager will provide a full time Village manager who will be responsible for the activities of the club and attend to the 24/7 Emergency Medical Service, along with other reasonable requests of the residents.

The main provision of this agreement is that you agree to pay the manager a deferred management fee on the resale of the unit. These fees represent an incentive for the Management Company to fulfil its duties and continue to do so over a period of many years. It is your guarantee of service. Refer to (PSD) document


    • You wish to leave the Residential Village permanently
    • You cease to reside personally at your unit for a continuous period of twelve months without prior agreement of the Management Company.
    • If on medical advice your health is such that it is in your own interests to be transferred to a nursing home or similar facility. (if your unit is jointly owned, this would only apply to the survivor of the joint owners).
    • The demise of the owner (or demise of the surviving proprietor of the unit).


Costs for LRV

  • $195.00 per month paid in advance, which includes normal Corporate Body Fees.
  • Full Insurance on your unit. Contents Insurance owner’s responsibility.
  • An Emergency remote control beeper service. If you need help for any medical emergency, press the button and 24 hour assistance is available.
  • Arranging exterior maintenance of your unit including painting etc at your cost
  • Lawn mowing is done courteous of management at this time, which includes equipment and associated running costs.
  • Electricity cost for swimming pool, spa, street lighting, Clubroom lighting and clubroom heating. 24hr on-call
  • The Manager and team handles day to day running of the Village including household rubbish collection co-ordination

This is charged for the infrastructure costs such as paving, street lighting, community Centre, outdoor kitchen facilities, swimming pool, spa, change rooms and other equipment.

This is charged against the unit at the low rate of 2.5% per annum of the purchase price for a maximum period of 10 years. The amount charged cuts out after 10 years and payment is deferred until the unit is sold, whenever that may be.

Example 1:

  • Unit Purchase price $200,000
  • Lived in Unit 10 years@ 2.5% = “50,000 maximum”
  • Equates to 5,000 per year
  • Over 10 years no extra charge
  • Unit owner or their estate keeps any sale profit over and above purchase price.

Example 2:

  • Unit Purchase price $200,000
  • Lived in Unit’ 15 years@ 2.5% = 75,000
  • Maximum fee is 10 years = “50,000”
  • Same fee as in example 1

Example 3:

  • Unit Purchase price $200,000
  • Lived in Unit 5 years@ 2.5% = “fee 25,000”